Ground, Water, Sky Picture

Stupid title is stupid. X( And stupid category is confusing...

Aaanway, here's the first set in a project I've never mentioned to anyone that I started back in, oh, September 2009. See, I was in my Survey of Western Art I class, and we were learning all about ancient Greek art, and I randomly started doodling gods and goddesses (Aphrodite was actually the first one I did).
See, ever since I was, I don't know, 8 years old, I've been into Greek mythology. All I ever checked out of the library for several years was books on Greek mythology. Eventually I sort of grew out of it, but I still remember all the myths and relations and such (although there are still things I don't know, and stuff I didn't know until recently).
So, ta-da, here's my first uploads of these guys:

On the left, Hades God of the Underworld. Despite being featured as a villain in an awful lot of tv shows, books, and movies, he's pretty passive in Greek myths. Pretty much all he does is kidnap Persephone and tell people they can't take their dead loved one out of the underworld just because they asked politely. My Hades here is calm, collected, and pretty suave. And he's got a beard/goatee/whatever. This version of him was made before I rewatched Disney's Hercules and the accompanying cartoon series, so he's not particularly influenced by that Hades (although that Hades is AWESOME), but I changed the design of the bottom of his... dress?thing because I liked Disney's Hades' fire-tendril-smoke-things... Yeah. But he does actually have feet.
And those things around him are little Sharpie'd bats. All three of them originally had little symbols around them, but I just liked Hades', so they're the only ones still there.

In the middle, Poseidon God the sea. I never cared much for Poseidon in my youth (there didn't seem to be too many stories involving him), so I didn't think much about his design. Ponytail, trident... Yeah.

And on the right, Zeus King of the gods, and the god of lightning, etc. This is actually a newer design of Zeus. My other design has a much "lol"ier, younger Zeus. But I decided to make two designs after noticing EVERYTHING always has Zeus with a beard, and usually white hair. So younger-looking Zeus is for when he's still making babies with everything that moves, and bearded Zeus is for wise old Zeus whose children are off making babies with everything that moves. His tunic, by the way, is actually sort of inspired by a certain freaky fish guy...
And drawing a full beard and mustache on a chibi is SOO weird. I did do a drawing with everyone non-chibi, but it looked really crappy except for Zeus (who, incidentally, had no nose drawn), so I decided to just keep chibi-ing.

Please note that these and all other costume and character designs are NOT meant to be historically accurate. They're just however I see them, and however would be easy to draw - although most of them DO wear sandals, and no one has pants.

Hades up there also has a kind of girlish figure. I guess he must have a nice butt, huh? That reminds me - I recently found out that Hades is usually considered to be the oldest of the boys. Kinda funny, especially considering I usually see Hades (in books, movies, other people's art) as young and Zeus as old. Heh heh. And Disney's Hercules has Hades as the youngest, too (well, at least younger than Zeus, I don't know where he is in relation to Poseidon)(and yeah, I KNOW that Hercules is just generally inaccurate to Greek mythology. EVERYONE knows that).

This actually scanned in pretty well. Done on 8.5x11 printer paper with PrismaColors.
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