Mythology Project: Aphrodite Picture

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, sexuality and beauty.
The rose and scallop shell were sacred to her.
She was considered the most beautiful of all the Gods.

For a school project I am redesigning eight of the Greek Gods from mythology in a contemporary fashion, using digital painting as my medium to continue on this vein.

Of all depictions I've done for this project, this is the most accurate to traditional interpretations of Aphrodite. I chose to do this as that which she stands for, love, beauty and sexuality, are still today viewed almost the same as they have been in the past. The principles remain ultimately the same. Thus I have drawn her clothing vaguely reminiscent of traditional Greek drapery, but also similar to the long, elegant gowns worn by and associated with the beautiful and elite of modern society.
The rose tattoo in between her shoulder blades is to follow the contemporary fashion human beings have of adorning themselves with physical symbols of themselves, as well as link to the sexual reputation that tattoos carry.

One of her more significant symbols was the scallop shell, thus its presence behind her.
Aphrodite was said to be the most beautiful of all the Gods. Because of this, I have tried to depict her extremely so. For this, I have given her blonde hair and blue eyes, a common stereotype associated with beauty.

Her pose suggests sexuality and the heavy use of red, a colour largely associated with love and lust, I have emphasised her relationship with the emotions.

This took a surprisingly short time for something I'm actually half satisfied with.
So that's good.
I need bed. I'm not sure I'm going to get all eight of these done by my deadline, so I may end up only doing six for my art diary, but I'll try and finish all eight for the sake of doing so anyway.

Other Gods Done

Art and Character design (c) me
Texture used can be found here: [link]

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