Goddess of All Things Picture

this is eurynome and i have no idea how to pernnce that. her hair, nails, eyes, and any clothing she wares-though she perfurs the natural way- are every color of the universe, including all the shades human eyes are not capable of seeing. behind her are all the planets including pluto witch, I KNOW, is not a planet. then there is the phenix, the serpent, and the doves-- the Phenix representing loyalty, emotion, and wrath. The Serpent representing knowledge, respect, and vengeance. and the Doves representing peace, freedom, and treachery.

Eurynome was born from Chaos, and her first work was to separate the water from the sky. When she had accomplished this, she began to dance across the water. It was a beautiful, sensual dance of creation. As she danced, she danced South, and faster and faster she danced until a wind grew behind her. Eurynome caught this new thing, this wind, between her hands and rubbed it into a snake. The snake, called Ophion, watched as the Goddess danced and danced to keep herself warm. He saw Eurynome dancing across the waves and was filled with lust. He coiled his body around the Goddess seven times and made love to her as she danced. Impregnated by Ophion, soon the Goddess lay the Universal Egg. Ophion wrapped his body around it seven times at Eurynome's bidding. As it opened, the earth spilled forth, born populated with animals and plants. At this point the Mother ascended to Mt. Olympus and began to watch her children take shape. When she ascended, the serpent Ophion followed her as the Goddess's consort. Eurynome had no problem with this, but when Ophion began to swagger and boast that he alone was responsible for the creation of the world, Eurynome kicked all his teeth out as she threw his butt out of heaven.

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