Ares Picture

Ares - God of War

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ARES was the great Olympian god of war, battlelust, civil order and manly courage. In Greek art he was depicted as either a mature, bearded warrior dressed in battle arms, or a nude beardless youth with helm and spear.

Ares i the personification of bold force and strength, and not so much the god of war as of its tumult, confusion, and horrors. His sister Eris calls forth war, Zeus directs its course, but Ares loves war for its own sake, and delights in the din and roar of battles, in the slaughter of men, and the destruction of towns. Athena represents thoughtfulness and wisdom in the affairs of war, and protects men and their habitations during its ravages.

Here Ares has got a new toy – this fancy cannon, and now he took the chanse to test it, upon one of big sister Athena's shrines Muahahahaha what would she know anyway, Ares reasons.

The next thing he hears a familiar voice behind him:
What the #%&½ are you think you're doing????
To wich Ares can only reply:

3D items from DAZ, Xurge, Renderocity
Tools used: DAZ, Terragen, Photoshop, FANTASY
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