Character design: Hera -SKETCH- Picture

Hera from my "Tales of Myths" project. WARNING - it's really rough and will be digitally redone^^

Actually, that's not exactly the colour scheme I was planning to use. To me Hera is an embodiment of the Queen - regal and beautiful. Originally I imagined her standing next to Zeus, both of them in golden clothes/armour.
But as ome of my resources gave me a hint that Hera's colours are white, green, royal blue and violet, I decided to rethink this again. White was too virgin, green was too Gaia (Mother Earth), blue is obviously about water and violet happened to be the only one left.
Some other symbols used:
- maple leaves - one of several plants, symbolizing this goddess
- armour elements - one of Hera's symbols is a shell. Well, I guess armour can be considered as something shell-representating^^

Perhaps soon I'll draw Hera the way I imagine her - golden gown and tiara, hell of accessories and other stuff:3
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