Hebe Picture

Full View Again Please!

-Hebe is the Goddes of Youth and the Cupbearer to the Gods bringing them their nectar and attending their events. She is the dauther of Zeus and Hera and is sadly a minor goddess. She is said to be very beautiful and retires from her Cupbearing jobs when she marries the hero Heracles after he becomes a god.

Isn't that nice? When I drew this I really made her in my image of Aphrodite, which wierdly enough ended up looking like my best friend Kait. <.<..> .>..
I really like how this one turned out..apparently everyone else does as well. She took me a little longer than Hestia did because I didn't know how I was going to pose her, but a bit of time contemplating and a few magazines later I found a pose and used it
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