A Tribute to Odin Picture

I did the background eons ago with watercolor on watercolor paper. I abandoned it since it looked horrible to me. I only recently decided to continue it (obviously).

I never planned on making it an Odin thing. Just a tree, actually, with broken fences...but maybe me reading American Gods got me to swing that way. Or better yet, my obsession with Riviera: The Promised Land, which I've planned at least half a dozen times already
Odin is my favorite mythological head god. It because he feels a lot more human. He gave up one of his eyes to gain his all-knowing skills, unlike the other Head Gods who are too busy finding damsels to fuck *cough*Zeus*cough*

And as to why it is an Odin tribute, people of the old used to sacrifice others to that god by hanging them on a tree. The spear is mercy killing
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