Zeus Poseidon Hades Picture

Greek Holy Trinity

Allah is obviously pissed at me. I was gonna fill the caption with anti-religious comments, but my computer crashed. TWICE. You win, Allmighty, I won’t bash your institutions. Pero conste that it’s mostly because I don’t want to type the exact same shit a third time.

As a child, I learned about mythology as I learned about religion. Though I was of course taught that mythology was not real. Religion is a different thing, and I’m not in the mood of being smited. In any case, my favourite was Greek mythology. Arguably the most “mainstream” of the mythologies. But when I chose my favourite god, however, I didn’t choose the popular Zeus, god of the sky, but rather Poseidon, god of the seas. I didn’t want to pick the obvious “superior” (over the years I’ve convinced myself that if Poseidon couldn’t kick Zeus’ ass, he would at least be a very even match). I decided not to go along with the mainstream. And I did this not because I am a hipster, but because the thought of liking the most popular character, just like most of the rest of the world, seemed awfully dull and boring. I do not regret choosing Poseidon, in fact, I am proud I decided to add to my character as an individual. Sometimes I wish more people would choose more “Poseidons” in their lives and decide to go against the obvious, mainstream option… Then again that wouldn’t that make ME less unique? I do benefit from YOUR unoriginality, after all... No, I need other people to create things, art in whatever form, to give life a meaning beyond survival.

Now, why would I spend my time creating this? The main answer is closure. For several years, I’ve read, heard, talked and thought about these imaginary beings… and despite seeing several representations, I was not able to tell you what they looked like. Yes, I know Poseidon is the one with the trident, but what does he look like? what does his trident even look like, for that matter? a three-pronged spear is vague. A bearded humanoid is vague. I refuse to believe in the dull, mortal appearance that the Ancient Greeks gave their gods in their statues. So what if it’s their gods? they don’t OWN Greek mythology, no one truly owns his or her creation once it’s been released. That civilization, dead or otherwise, is NOT going to dictate what these beings look like if they are going to be so plain. I wanted closure for myself, I wanted to materialise the concepts in my head, to DECIDE what the Greek gods look like.

So here they are, the three major Greek gods, after several years of imagining them (and not just under the influence of drugs).
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