pantheon - huitzilopochtli Picture

Moar Aztec deities in Pantheon form! This is Huitzilopochtli, god of war, the sun, and fabulous hummingbird-feather hats. His mother was Coatlicue (seriously, you want badass and terrifying, she's it. I can see her and Kali wreaking havoc on a girls' night out together. XD) and his father was, uh, a ball of feathers that decided to get freaky with her. (no rly) His sister decided that this wasn't good enough for her mother, and tried to kill her, but then Huitzilopochtli sprang, fully formed and armed, from his mother's womb and killed 400 of his brothers and sisters (and you thought Zeus was prolific). As you can imagine, he's pretty srs bzns about everything. XD
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