13. Sif Picture

Sif: Norse Goddess of Marriage and Grain

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Here is Sif! Thor's wife. :3
Loki cut off her hair, so Thor was like NOES YOU HAVE TO GET HER NEW HAIR even though it will probably grow back anyway whatevs. Loki had dwarves make golden threads as fine as hair and enchanted them so that they would actually grow like hair once attached to Sif's head. That must be awkward, what if they break? Sprrrroooooiiiing.

Historians wonder if the story is linked to the seasons, since Sif is typically thought of as an Earth goddess. Does her hair symbolize golden grain coming back to earth after the winter? I don't know. Other historians laugh at these theories of course and think it's ridiculous.

Sif's name is etymologically linked to marriage, but how is she linked to earth? Well, it's a common trope to have a sky god (Thor) linked with an Earth goddess. (Sky -> rains on earth -> things grow) For example, several historians believe that Hera was originally an Earth goddess indigenous to southern Greece while Zeus was a non-indigenous Sky god who entered into the mythology. Neat, eh?
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