Little Princesses Picture

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can use these designs wherever you want (fanfiction, comic, etc), BUT ONLY if you credit me as the creator of the designs. Thanks!

If you have made a fanart of this picture, PLEASE note me about it so I could fav and comment your artwork. ^^
Guys, THANKS for the feedback! It is really appreciated!
About names: I originally wanted to name parents Galaxia and Cosmos, or something like that, but there are so many good names suggested by users, I just can't decide...

Galaxia/Equestria and Cosmos/Void/Orion
Arinna (like the sun goddess) and Morpheus (like the God of Sleep)
Astrum (stars or space) and Chronos (time)
Aether and Elysian (aether is what was thought to be the material that made up space and elysian is another word for the heavens)
Kishar (Femenine All the Earth Sumerian Mythology Goddess) and Anshar (Masculine All the Heavens Sumerian Mythology God)
Solianna Galaxia and Artemis Cosmos
Alcmene and Zeus

What do you think?
And guys, PLEASE NO MORE NEW NAMES SUGGESTIONS. Really, I just a little bit tired adding new and new names to the list. I also changed it a little, only leaving the best names. I hope I didn't hurt somepony's feelings...
About wallpapers: just tell me which size you would like, and I'll make it.

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1440x900 [link]
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