SHOOOTOUT Level 2 preview + Picture


EDIT: Added a Combo system, fixed some scripting, and added Medusa and Muses to the loop. >83 those are all the basic targets. More will happen in the actual level - including a Boss.

It's been hard to describe the true purpose of SHOOTOUT!.

Well, I've been asked to finish SHOOTOUT! for a showcase for Madsoft Games LLC (I'm part of the team - the lead animator).

This is a preview for Level 2. There's going to be 3 levels (for now).

THIS is what SHOOTOUT! is all about. A comical click-n-shoot minigame series, taking clicking to the next level. Different levels take different approaches to shooting.

For now, this is a tune from Newgrounds. I forget the name. But by the time the game will be released, I'll have the new composer of Madsoft compose some custom tunes. But this is what I'll want the track to sound like.

This Greek Mythology (
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