Hermes - Paper Delivery Boy Picture

Entry for IMAF [link] 2006, in the 'Present Day Mythological Character Brief' category.
The idea is to "Design a mythological character for the present day. The character needs to be put into a modern context and a modern day situation - the situation must not be complex, but more every day – even mundane."
This is my interpretation;

Hermes - Paper Delivery Boy of the Gods.
A twist on the ancient Greek messenger of the gods. Hermes is the fastest delivery boy you could ever hope to meet - he's always the first person to get all the latest news! Check out his super inline skates - they're not just for good looks. They were awarded to Hermes by a mysterious benefactor known only as Mr. Zeus. Hermes has a special power - the ability to skate so fast that time almost comes to a standstill. If ever something needs to be delivered fast, Hermes is the guy to speak to. He often gets commissioned by the secret service to deliver critical information.
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