Demi-God 6 Odin Picture

Odin Was appointed the king of the heavens, the judge to decide who would stay in paradise and whom would be banished to eternal damnation. He used to have a somewhat humanoid appearance, however The Gods created steam powered alchemical technology with which he used to alter his body into a mechanical one after doing so to Chronos the god of time.

Many of the other Heavenly ones did the same and it became a qualification of becoming a Heavenly one. Odin used it as a way to eradicate diseases and aging, however Ra and Zeus believed that the mechanical bodies made them superior to those with flesh bodies, that they had elevated to a higher plane of existence.

Odin Used his energies and planted them into Bastet to give birth to Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, and then later he created Loki, and Apollo.

Odin was eventually challenged by Ra and Zeus whom killed him and Ra absorbed his power. Zeus took command of the Heavens for a while before he forfeited his place to Ra out of fear.

Odin, Like Apollo, was one of the Heavenly ones whom did not believe that they were superior and that they simply needed to use their powers to protect the world. Odin lost his left eye in a battle with Ra when it first became apparent that Ra was rather unruly However he forgave his son and allowed him to stay in Celestia.

Odin is the God of Fury, the Mind, Poetry, War, Battle, Victory, Wisdom, Magic, Poetry, Prophecy, and the Hunt.

Odin is known as the Allfather and king of the Gods and has only been known as this. Odin appeared only on Earth in a few places, mostly to aid his people in the Early stages of the Demi-God Wars before he was slain by his sons.

Thor and Zeus are thought to be the same person.

Sleipnir is Odin's Horse, in Mythology when in actuality it is the name of His energy core which allows him to reach great speeds in the blink of an eye as if he were teleporting. Huginn and Muninn are his Ravens that are connected to him. They allow him a defense mechanism and contain their own weapons that allow them to be dangerous all on their own. They possess the strength of Lesser Angels themselves and could be used in a similar manner to bomber or fighter jets against enemies.

Odin Commands the Blue Fire that billows fourth from his steam powered chassis and becomes his spear Gungnir. He wears a cape that depicts the battle of Ragnarok With Thor battling Fenrir, which may be a personification of Chaos. In addition, The loin cloth is the oldest known depiction of Harmony and Chaos entwined around the Nightmare sword crafted nearly 2,000 years before the Nightmare sword was even created.

Odin was fun to design as were all of the Heavenly ones, the Gods whom have sacrificed their bodies for mechanical ones. He looks... probably the toughest of all of the Heavenly ones!

Well, Enjoy good ole Odin, XD.
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