The Jailguard Campe Picture

Another entry for Monster Girl Monday tumblr!

I set up a poll last week to decide what theme my monster girl for the end of March should be. The winner being mythology theme. It took a while to find a good creature to draw from and I found a particular one that was interesting

Copy pasta from wikipedia!

Campe was a dragon with a woman's head and torso and a scorpion-like tail. Nonnus, in Dionysiaca (18.23-264) gives the most elaborated description of her.[1] Joseph Eddy Fontenrose suggests that for Nonnus Campe is a Greek refiguring of Tiamat and that "she is Echidna under another name, as Nonnos indicates, calling her Echidnaean Enyo, identifying her snaky legs with Echidna's," and "a female counterpart of his Typhon".[2]

Campe was set by Cronus to guard the Hecatonchires and Cyclopes in Tartarus after Cronus didn't release them from their imprisonment there when they were imprisoned by Uranus. She was killed by Zeus when he rescued the Cyclopes for help in the battle with the Titans.[3]

In his lexicon Hesychius of Alexandria (K.614) noted that the poet Epicharmos had called Campe a kētos, or sea-monster.[4]

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