Athena's Chosen Picture

Athena, cold and intellectual, is born from no woman, but from the head of her father Zeus, fully armored and ready for war. Unlike Ares, who pursues battle for the physical and mental rush, Athena fights cleverly - manipulating the battlefield like a chessboard. She chooses men of pure and powerful heart as her champions, bestowing upon them armor and weapons --- even occasional use of her father's Aegis. In the background, the temple to her great rival Posiedon sits as witness, a provocation on her part.

The female model comes from a fantastic stock account called Mjranum-stock - her name is Amber G. She has the most amazing legs and when I saw her, this painting emerged in my head. you can visit Marcus' site here [link]

The male model's name is A.J., a friend of mine from Myspace. This painting is a commission for him. I love the reverence that he presents, so it was obvious to use him as the man favored by the goddess.

The background is the temple of Posiedon in Cape Sunium.
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