specific dragon: Kampe Picture

Kampe or Campe is a drakaina derived from greek mythology and depicted as having the upper torso f a human woman with the lower half of a dragon (greek dragons are serpentine in form). like medusa, she has snake heads for hair and even along her ankles and the heads of other beasts around her waste (there are supposed to be 50, but it got too much for me). she also possesses big black wings and a scorpion's tail and is know to hold either a scythe or 2 scimitars (in which i mixed together).

also called the nymph of tartarus, she was the most loyal servant to the titan Cronus. he tasked her with guarding the Hekatonkheires (giants with 100 hands and 50 heads) and the Cyclopes in Tartarus after the sky god Uranus imprisoned them there. however, Zeus needed the Cyclopes to build him the weapons he would use to battle Cronus in the titan war, so to get to them in Tartarus, he killed her.
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