Tyrranux Universe Zeus Picture

GOD; Thunder, Supreme Ruler of Olympians
WEAPON; Holy Diver (Buster Sword)
VOICE OVER; David Kaye (Megatron)
THEME SONG; Dethklok "Black Fire Upon Us"

There was a time when he was truly the supreme ruler over the other gods, though he is still feared as king of Olympus he is not exactly respected by his peers. Slowly but surely his rule over them and the very mortal world is withering away, not that he cares. He figures he had a good run, his reign has been quite a prosperous one, but as the other gods pretty much continue to indulge their own desires and carry out their own agendas he knows it is only a matter of time before the very mountain that Olympus sits upon is brought crumblinf down.

Hell, why wait? If everything's going down the shitter anyway, why not speed up the prossess and get it over with? He has already set things in motion, the seeds he has planted already taking root, his final design already coming to pass. All that remains is to sit back and watch the show, it is guaranteed to be entertaining. He is also curious to see what will happen afterwards....


And yes, I am fully aware he looks like Ares from God of War. I didn't exactly intend for him to look so much so but hey if I went with the well known white bearded god look he'd look like the Zeus from God of War. There's no escaping the comparision, might as well just role with the punches. I guess what made me go this route was the design of Zeus in the upcoming Clash of the Titans remake (the character being played by Liam Neeson), I thought it was a rather interesting design so I guess I meant to illuminate it.

I placed this under fan art cause let's face it, I don't own the character Zeus, no one does. I mean for Pete's sake he's a character from Greek mythology that's been around for centuries, their ain't exactly a copyright but who am I to claim this character as my own design? NOBODY OWNS COPYRIGHT OVER THE GODS!
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