Pandora Picture

Well, here she is again, I used to have her on the page a long time ago but decided after a long time to remake her. It was a gift for mothers day to my mom since her name is also Pandora.

A little mythology now: Pandora was the first woman created by Zeus, who was gifted by all the gods at her creation. Among the presents she was given by the gods, she was also given a box and was warned never to open it because godly gifts were dangerous. Alas though, curiosity got the best of her and she did indeed open it, releasing all the misfortunes upon mankind and shut it, allowing only one thing to remain inside, Hope. The world remained extremely bleak for an unspecified interval, until Pandora chanced to revisit the box again, at which point Hope fluttered out. Thus, mankind always has hope in times of evil and misfortune.

Drawn in pencil and colored using Photoshop CS in 4 days. Enjoy!
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