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Ah. The conclusion.

...I told you it wasn't anything special.

I tried a bunch of new things with this page - first, I used the dodge tool on all the writing before I started so it would be easier to see.
And I used the... Q thing to get more stuff than the Magic Wand tool could easily grab. So yay.

I think this time it's pretty easy to read, but if you're having trouble, then... you could ask. Or download it. Whatever.

Right, so...
Zeus, Hades, and Demeter work it out that Persephone will spend as many months in the underworld as the number of pomegranate (or pomegranate seeds) Persephone ate. The number depends on which version you're reading - I remember it as being 6, which of course is the number of months autumn and winter make up, but I've also read 3. So... whatever.
The punchline, so to speak, here is that, while Persephone spending time underground with Hades leads Demeter into a depression that keeps her from tending the land and cause winter... in Greece... that doesn't make sense if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where it'd be Spring and Summer, meaning Demeter WOULD be tending the land.
Obviously, the Greeks didn't know what the world looked like way back then, and all the different cultures of the Southern Hemisphere came up with their own explanation of the seasons, and then there's the scientific one, of course.
Or as I like to call it, magic.

So next up, I should be uploading more chibi art of the Gods, and maybe doing the story of Narcissus and Echo. Which means I have to design them. a;lksjf And read up on that myth again.

This page didn't take me so long. *shrug*

Oh, and for new-comers, this is drawn traditionally, colored partly with Sharpies, then colored in Photoshop. Yay.

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