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Thalia - muse of comedy

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THALEIA (or Thalia) was one of the nine Mousai, the goddesses of music, song and dance. Her name was derived from the Greek word thaleia, meaning "rich festivity" or "blooming." In Classical times--when the Mousai were assigned specific artistic and literary spheres--Thaleia was named Muse of comedy and bucolic poetry. In this guise she was portrayed with the attributes of comic mask, shepherd's staff and wreath of ivy.

She was a daughter of Zeus & Mnemosyne.

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My Thalia do have a staff, a bit more modernized one, cabaret style. That one and her hat is what I feel being a good representation of a more timeless Thalia. Then she got some books too, books with plays in. Classic plays, Shakespeare, Commedia del Arte and then some more modern goodies like stand up comedy and funny films. The rose is a gift from an admiror.

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