Myth Series: Hera Picture

Well, at last! Here you have the first in the row of a serie of 14 images about greek Mythology I'm doing for a project.

"In the Olympian pantheon of classical Greek Mythology, Hera was the wife and older sister of Zeus. She also presided as goddess of marriage, the patriarchal bond of her own subordination: her resistance to the conquests of Zeus is rendered as Hera's "jealousy", the main theme of literary anecdotes that undercut her ancient cult. " Quoted from Wikipedia. For more info: [link]

My main goal for these series is to make a mixture of the classical representations with the original iconographies and adding my personal touch to them.

The symbols:

- The peacock and the ganso were sacred animals to her.
- She was the God of fertility, the family, the borning, the marriage and the feminity (hence the rings, the clothes, the fetus in bubbles and the excesive use of makeup).
- The pomegranates were considered a symbol of fertility.
- The crab was used by Hera to distract Hércules in the battle against the Hydra, but Hércules killed it so Hera transformed the crab into the constellation of Cancer.
- Her representative colour was the white. I have also added yellow because it is considered the colour of envy. Hera was jealous of all infidelities her husband Zeus commited with more than 50 goddesses and mortals.
- The iris flower was consagrated to her.
- She is supossed to be in some kind of palace in the sky since she was some sort of "queen of Gods" because Zeus was her husband.

So well... (:

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Model: ~temabinastock, the rest, and personal resources.

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