PJO: Zeus Picture

KaKAO/ATC #124

Finally, after more than a month...
Now I want a Cobalt-blue, pinstriped suit, too. Even if it doesn't suit me, it's kind of awesome *.* Also I still hate to draw lightning for obvious reasons. That's probably why this pic took like ages to get started, if it wasn't for all those blue parts I probably wouldn't even have tried.

Fun fact: I listened to a part of the Odyssey while coloring this (most the time I listened to Simon Beckett's 'Whispers of the dead' but that doesn't fit as good as Homer...)

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More to come- someone you want to see? Tell me!
Requested (and yet to be done): the gods in general(Ares, Aphrodite lined), Agrius and Oreius(Bear-twins), Juniper
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