The Misjudgement of Paris Picture

For those of you who happen to know a bit about Greek mythology, think the origin of the Trojan war.
For those of you blessed enough to not know a lot about that particular myth, a brief summary.
The trojan war was fought between the city-states of Greece and Troy, because Paris, son of King Priam of Troy made off with the most beautiful woman in the land: Helen. Helen, was the wife of the king of Sparta who, quite rightly, wanted her back, along with reparations. Paris refused to give her up, and thus began a ten year war, a description of which can be read in Homer's Illiad and Odyssey.
Theres a lot more attached to this, but I'd be willing to bet you don't want to hear it.
Anywho, Helen was stolen because the embodiment of Chaos tossed a golden apple to the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite during a wedding with the inscription "to the most beautiful". All three wanted it, and went to Zeus. He (intelligently, for once) refused to judge the competiton, and threw the apple to earth, where the unsuspecting Paris picked it up. And he was named judge of the contest.
No, he didn't pick the 'Good Idea'. T_T

Still more than you wanted to know, yes?
This has been done long enough for me to dislike it, but not long enough to redraw it. Plus I rushed to get it done before the last semster so i could give it to my mythology teacher. ^^ She liked it, i think, which is what actually matters.

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