RPA- Blast from the Past Picture

Some characters of my Religion series that I have yet to really draw and explain (except Hindu). They're all the 'original' religions, so theyre the oldest. The sad part is that all of these guys (except Hindu, again) are dead. Judaism was gonna be in this too, because Judasim is a very old religion, but I draw him too much XD


Aztec (Called Az for short)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Mexican
Human name: Mario Gomez
Died of: Reason unknown. (He may even still be alive)

Aztec is a very smart, very strong, and very attractive man...but he is completely and utterly INSANE. He wears nothing but a headdress, some jewelry, and a loincloth and dances around for no reason. He also loves to go up to people with a stone knife and try to cut their hearts out so he can eat them. The blood he has on his body is NOT his, and the bone in his nose is from an unidentified individual. He likes spicy food and building things.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: African/Egyptian
Human name: Akila Set
Died of: Old age and weakness

Ra is strong and powerful. He has an ego larger than the sun, and can be very cynical and sadistic. He had countless lovers throughout his life, but he was always in love with Judaism. Despite his feelings, he was able to force his crush into slavery so he could see him every single day. Loves gold, warm weather, building, and sex. His favorite animals include beetles, snakes, cats, and eagles.

N.A.B.S. (short for Native American Belief Systems)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Native American
Human name: Aiyana Kachina
Died of: Murder by Red Christianity and his brothers.

N.A.B.S. had a kind heart and a free spirit. She loves nature and animals, especially wolves and bears. She is the youngest of the elder religions, and lived the longest (not counting Hindu, who is still alive). Her hobbies include fishing, singing, and hiking. When she first met Quaker, she hated him, but over time, she fell in love with the clumsy foreigner and taught him how to live on his own. Sadly, once his brothers came to the new world, they took advantage of her kindness. She still blames Quaker for all of it, even though it wasnt really his 'fault'. Her favorite movies are Pocahontas and Avatar.

Mythology (Mytho for short)
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel-green.
Ethnicity: White/Roman
Human name: Martinus Zeus
Died of: Murder by Christianity (NOT Red. the REAL Christianity killed him)

Mythology is a cold and distant person. he doesn't seem to like many people besides himself, and he ESPECIALLY doesn't like Judaism or Christianity. He loves to read and write, and watching plays is one of his favorite pastimes. Like Ra, he is a well known lover, but he fancy's both women AND men. He has a taste for wine and rarely EVER removes his helmet.
(This character design was based off
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