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Calypso (English translation: "I will conceal"), was a nymph and a daughter of Atlas who lived on the island of Ogygia in Greek mythology. Her name has also been listed among the list of the Nereids, which would make her a daughter of Nereus. The latter classification in accord with her islands' proximity and association with the sea, as opposed to inland water.

The fabled Greek hero Odysseus was imprisoned on her island, Ogygia, for seven years. She desired to make him her immortal husband. Athena asked Zeus to spare Odysseus of his torment on the island, as he wanted to go to his homeland and see his beloved wife. Zeus sent Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to tell Calypso to release Odysseus. As Zeus was the Lord of the gods, she was unable to refuse him, although she did not wish to let him go.


There's a piece of info for you. ^.^

Even though she wasn't one of the goddesses, she was my favorite out of all those in the Odyssey. It's quite interesting, though sometimes the description are really disturbing.

Other than that there's not much to say... So....

Tools: Mechanical Pencil (0.7mm), Prismacolor pencils, and an ink pen (XS)

Time: About a day or two... I had a project due that week, and I kind of procrastinated inking it until after Nano....
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