Demeter - Painful Mother Picture

“Bitter pain seized her heart, and she rent the covering upon her divine hair with her dear hands: her dark cloak she cast down from both her shoulders and sped, like a wild-bird, over the firm land and yielding sea, seeking her child. But no one would tell her the truth, neither god nor mortal man; and of the birds of omen none came with true news for her. Then for nine days queenly Deo wandered over the earth with flaming torches in her hands, so grieved that she never tasted ambrosia and the sweet draught of nectar, nor sprinkled her body with water.”

Hymn to Demeter by Homer
Translated by Hugh G.Evelyn-White

Demeter (mother of cereal crops), archaic Greek, celebrated above all in Tasseled, then in Arcadia, in Eleusis and on Crete deity. She was a goddess of the Earth and the monogamous marriage. The Demeter cult had the contact with the cult Hades. From the flip side they were linking Hades with Persephone, with goddess, coming probably from the Peloponnesus. Very much early both goddesses were joined with one myth, making around Persephone Demeter’s daughter. Legend very much spread orphic is talking, that Persephone during fun with Oceanus daughters (of Ocean), was kidnapped by the God of hells, Hades. The Sun is giving away the secret of kidnapping its daughter for the distressed mother. Demeter, offended to Gods which let get to this kidnapping is coming off to Eleusis where is left hospitably accepted in the Keleus palace. But in your mourning period is stopping caring about harvests of cereal crops, of which he is Goddess, a terrible famine is hitting Earth, people are stopping making an offering to gods and worried Zeus is ordering Hades to return to the mother Persephone, at least for six months every year. At leaving of the daughter underground world delighted Demeter embellished the Earth with blossom of the spring which in token of mourning is freezing to the spot when Persephone is returning to her gloomy spouse.

This myth, not only explained the sequence of seasons, but above all, became the archetypal example of the mother love - the sacred bond - unite the mother with her daughter, so strong that she overcame the death, for which Hades was a symbol.

Nothing is able to give mothers back to pain after the loss of the child, my picture is only a boss shot of illustrating of this inconceivable pain.

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