Unrequited Love Picture

The tragic story of Echo and Narcissus...

I know there are many versions of their story. In the one I read, Echo covers for Zeus, who is flirting with a river nymph, when Hera goes looking for him. He gifts her a sapphire ring for her help, which Hera sees when she returns to Echo's woods. Hera curses Echo to repeat the last words spoken to her. Along comes Narcissus, who is the most beautiful boy on the face of the Earth. Echo sees him and falls in love, but he rejects her. Heartbroken, Echo begs Aphrodite to make her disappear. Because she loves Echo's voice, Aphrodite makes all but her voice disappear. She also curses Narcissus to fall in love with someone who can never love him back. After much wandering, for he is lost in the woods, Narcissus comes upon a small stream. As he leans down to drink, he catches his refection in the water. The sun transforms the stream into a mirror, distorting the hair to make it look long like a girl's. Narcissus stays by the stream, forever gazing at his reflection, wishing it would come out and love him. He stays there so long that he turns into a narcissus flower.

This is my final project for the mythology unit in my English class. We had to choose a myth and do some kind of artistic interpretation of it so I decided to illustrate the story of Echo and Narcissus. Please full view and comment!
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