ZC- Aries Picture

'Human' name: Phaedrus ("bright")
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Group: Cardinal
Age appearance: 17
Keywords: Headstrong, energetic, aggressive, confident, brave, enthusiastic
Abilities: pyrokinesis; sudden charging attacks

History: originally a golden ram who saved Phrixus and his sister Helle from their evil stepmother who plotted on killing them both; he was sacrificed upon arriving in Colchis with Phrixus (Helle drowned during the voyage, in a place that would gain the name "Hellespont" in her honor). Aries' golden fleece was presented to the ruler of the land, King Aetees, who would become the adoptive father of Phrixus later on.
Zeus honored the ram’s heroic act of saving Phrixus and Helle and put him up in the sky as a Zodiac constellation. Meanwhile King Aetees hung up the golden fleece in a sacred grove that was guarded by a sleepless dragon, planning on keeping it there forever. However Jason and the Argonauts, who had sought the fleece, one day made their way around the dragon and managed to steal it.
The constellation of Aries has become so dim most likely because by the time the fleece had ceased to be passed around, it had lost most of its brilliance already.

Personality: Aries presents himself as a hot-headed and very outgoing young man. He’s impulsive and sometimes charges ahead without thinking things over, which gets him in trouble from time to time. Aries is courageous, adventurous, and daring. He enjoys engaging in arguments and getting physical but isn’t a completely violent person. He can be very fun to be around and is dependable when the situation calls for it. One thing that is worth noting is his limitless energy which sometimes causes him to be a restless individual. He (just like Scorpio) has a rather piercing stare and can come off as intimidating even when he doesn't mean to. Although Aries is the self-proclaimed leader of the zodiac, the others tend to not recognize it. Out of the fire trio, he's often seen as the most aggressive and quick-tempered.


His hair is a mixture of a dark red and ashy brown color and is often tousled with a "wool-like" appearance. Aries' eyes are red with a bit of orange and have a striking appearance to them. They are steady and often give off an almost penetrating feel. Despite his slender appearance, he is actually quite strong and a little muscular underneath which goes well with his athletic nature.
He blushes rather easily when embarrassed or angered, although the redness fades away almost immediately after the feeling has passed.

Random tidbits:

- He often wears his jacket over his shoulders instead of actually putting it on, unless absolutely necessary (like when running).

- When he walks, he has the tendency to lean forward slightly or bow his head a little, "leading himself by the horns" so to speak. In appearance, it's like a ram in search of a sparring partner. It's not too obvious of a habit to any random person, but those with sharp eyes tend to notice it. When Virgo catches Aries with his head slightly down, she simply tells him to stop slouching.

- His movements are quick and he always seems to walk like he's in a rush.

- Along the top of his chest is a light scar that runs across, most likely a reminiscence of being sacrificed to King Aetees in his past.

- Aries has a pretty hard head. You could probably throw an unopened soda can at his forehead and he wouldn't get hurt (although he may punch you afterwards).

- The Gemini twins (Castor and Pollux) were part of the Argonauts who accompanied Jason in his search for Aries' golden fleece. Although the reincarnated human Aries has no memory of his past life, both Castor and Pollux still recall Jason's quest and how they helped steal the fleece. They just never bother to mention it, knowing that Aries would probably get infuriated.

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