Callisto Picture

Strix leptogrammica - Brown wood owl

The Mother, The Captive , The Remote

- took me a while to do this one actually not sure why but did have a lot of fun drawing the bear note to self must draw more bears

Pink Carnation- The flower of mothers day (english one other countries may have different flowers)

Bear- In Greek mythology Callisto was a nymph who bore a child one of zeus's sons. Zeus's Wife took her son from her and turned her into a bear. later zeus placed the nymph among the stars as the constellation ursa major.

scales- scales are the symbol of libra, callisto in myths and astrology have a lot to do with libra due to how near the constellation's are next to each other

stars on bear- make up part of the constellation of ursa major

hope you guys like

(C) devon busby

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