Zeus - king of the gods Picture

Zeus - the king of all the gods and the ruler of Olympos.

Zeus is the top shot, the big boss, the alpha male of all the Greek gods - and in a way he has become the divine king regardless of society today. Most probably because of the impact the Greek sagas have had on our civilisation and it's storytelling. And also because of the vibrant personality of Zeus. I know few other divine rulers in few other myth-cycles described so elaborated and multilevelled as Zeus, the God of Thunder.

He's tough, strong, powerful and intelligent. On his good sides counts his sense of justice and hospitality, his love for his somewhat unruly family and for standing true to his promises. On his bad account falls an unruly temper and carelessness with mortal lives. And most of all his constant womanizing that drove several wives away. And I guess Hera in the end too.

This picture shows him resting at Olympos after a hard days work with executive routine stuff. Behind him are his beautiful attendants, ready to serv him with snacks, beverages, massage and whatever their divine lord may ask for.

Somehow inspired by this classic picture:
But with a bit toned down hippie haircut.

Model head is my friend Gunnar with added hair and beard and incorporated upon a DAZ Michael body
The ladies in the bg is stock of
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