Promises of The Gods Picture

Wahh finally ITS DONE! 2:31 am... YAY ok so i wanted to make this pic for such a long time, and finally today i mangaged to make it! It's Greek mythology gods Zeus, Hermes, Thanatos (god of death) and Hypnos (god of sleep) <-- These two are brothers by the way

Anywayys i LOVE the Zeus x Hermes pairing, and theres nothing like brotherly love (NOT INCEST THOUGH!!)

Warning?! : Boy x Boy contents: Look with caution~

Tools Used: Open Canvas 1.1 - tablet
Time : 7h
Songs: 1. Last Night, Good Night - Miku Hatsune
2. Blue Bird - Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Canvas - Coolon
4. Bad Sweets - Nico Nico Chorus
5. Palette - Vocaloid Chorus
6. Prelude ~We are not alone~ - Fumi Ootou
7. Best Friend - Karutetto
8. Yuuhi Saka - Rie Kugimiya
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