Prometheus Bound Picture

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Mythology Project. Bear will me. I'll explain as soon as I get to class.
-- An hour and some minutes later--

Okay. This digital painting is based on the popular Greek Myths (Hesiod's Theogony and Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound.) about Prometheus. (Disney has NOTHING on Zeus in the interpretive animated film, Hercules. )

Prometheus was best known for outwitting Zeus- the all-powerful, sexed-up King of Gods and thunder and lightning- by stealing fire and giving it to mankind.

Now, BEFORE Prometheus gave man (Women weren't created yet, so don't get touchy with my terms) fire, they were no different from animals. They were basically miniature imitations of gods, lacking in omnipotence and intelligence altogether. Feeling something for man- I know not whether it was pity, sympathy, or defiance against Zeus, Prometheus stole fire and gave mankind the ability to perceive.
Angered, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock, and let his pet eagle eat Prometheus's liver out everyday. IN ADDITION to Prometheus's torment, Zeus and all the other gods (Athena, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes and so-on..) pitched in to created the first woman, named Pandora; said to be the burden and woe of man. They also gave her a jar- called Pithos (NOT A BOX! Some sixteenth century humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam, translated it wrong by using the Latin word, pryxis, which mean's 'box' ) , which contained all the evils of the world.

Zeus, whilst giving Pandora to man, tells Prometheus that because he gave man fire, he grants to them Pandora and the jar of doom- that way, mankind has to use that fire given to them in order to survive the cruelties brought upon the world by Pandora. (It's sexist, I know.)

So I leave the question with you; was stealing fire and giving it to mankind a good idea?
The red glow on the clouds represent the fire that man uses. It could be warm and inviting- but it can also be foreboding and dangerous.
The blue- represented as the heaven's above- the Gods' realm- symbolizes that clear, purity of the gods. And yet it can also symbolize the bitter, merciless cold...

Do you think Prometheus regrets his actions?
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