Courting Persephone Picture

Fuuuu I forgot how Hades' hair computes in my brain. Sorry if the art quality is a little off in this one; I'm kind of sick right now so all blagh. But I wanted to get one up; I have a ton of pages sketched out but I haven't been able to work on them on the computer because I've been busy.

Anyway, I'm hoping the joke is kind of obvious in this one.

The myth centered in this is, obviously, the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades. Since I always read the story as Hades actually being legit in love with Persephone, and her falling in love with him, in return, after the initial shock of "HOLY HELL I'M IN HELL" wore off, I had to figure out why he would have kidnapped her the way he did.

So, Hades, being the awkward sap he is, went to Zeus for advice on how to talk to her about his feelings. Zeus actually gave (decent) advice for once, seeing how important this was to Hades...but Hades was so nervous when he actually went to use the pick-up on Persephone that he "panicked" and just ended up kidnapping her.

Obviously, once you've kidnapped someone and brought them to the Underworld, it's hard to really go back from there. And the rest is history.

So yeah, I don't know how well this computes, but the "YOU DID WHAT" is supposed to be Zeus' reaction to Hades telling him he kidnapped Persephone. It's funny, right? 8D;

Hades x Persephone is probably my Greek Mythology OTP. <3
I feel like I should design her to be a nerd so I can draw some ~nerd love~. But I have no idea LMFAO.
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