Sketchadoodle- Fausticorn Picture

Guys, I think I might be a little sick. :C So, to make myself feel better and ignore my sniffling, I did what I do best; doodling!

This time it's a little something a lot of you have been asking me for for quite a while. And that, my friends, is Fausticorn, or the OC alicorn pony of the awesome Lauren Faust. c:

Sooooo, this is how I see her! This is a little sneak peak, I suppose, of what could be a part of that character headcanon book I want to do for the con. Of course, there will be more to it than just this in regards to the character, but yeah. So anyway, you guys asked for a little headcanon on her, so here we go:

The way I see her, Fausticorn (or Rosetta, as some folks may call her), isn't just an alicorn. Where as alicorns are considered demigods of sorts, Fausticorn is LITERALLY a god. The Goddess of Creation, to be exact. She has immense power far too vast to measure, is immortal to age, and cannot die. She, along with the other main gods, are the ones who constructed and molded the MLP world as we know it, as well as created the life that lives in it. However, of the Gods and Goddesses, Fausticorn is the ruler of them all, similar to that of Zeus in Greek Mythology.

There's also the headcanon of Fausticorn being the mother to Celestia and Luna, and for me, that's true... to an extent, anyway. She is their mother in the context of her directly creating the two for a distinct purpose. Whether or not they were born to alicorn parents or simply just began to exist is up to speculation. One theory of the Princess Sisters' upbringing is that they were found as foals by a mortal couple, and were allowed to be raised among the mortal ponies to teach them the lessons needed so they won't turn into unfeeling, destructive, tyrannical demigods. Another is that Fausticorn raised them herself before allowing them into the world. There are several more, but the princess sisters won't really reveal much of their past lives, so it's unknown what's true or not.

Now, the main gods and goddesses don't directly interfere with the world they've created, and Fausticorn is no different. What they do is act as guides when it's needed, but how that manifests depends entirely on the situation. How often that happens can widely vary. Overall, though, the nature of the gods and goddesses existence is unknown other than them being higher beings and the origin of the universe.

This, however, doesn't stop the sentient beings of the world to view the gods and goddesses as religious beings, and enterpreting their nature and existance and such as they see fit (based on fact or not). Among the different types of religions in this world are also religion that worship the demigod-like beings of the MLP universe, and that includes Celestia, Luna, Discord, and a few others that are not pony but have similar purposes. Buuuuut that's another story for another day.

Because she's a goddess, Fausticorn can alter her appearance at will. However, she's often depicted in the form of an alicorn with a snow-white coat and brownish-red mane and tail. She is a seraph in that she has several pairs of wings (the maximum being about 6 pairs), but she's often shown with only one pair of wings, or two. Her height and size can vary since she can change it at any given time, but artworks has depicted her as always being taller than Celestia and Luna.

Buut yeah. This is only one of several possible headcanons, although I keep the headcanon on Fausticorn pretty vague on purpose. A fun idea with this, though, is that I see Fausticorn having a role that sorta mirrors what the actual Lauren Faust has done with the show's creation. And the other gods and goddesses? The representations of the MLP Dev team. x3

But whatevs. My head hurts, so I'll leave it here for now. If I think of something else, I'll add it later. For now, as always feel free to ask questions if you have any, and thanks a bunch for stopping by. c:

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