Oceantopia Arc: The Arriving Picture

If you Remember Arthur Anti-me (If not then look him up) then you remember how after he teamed up with Walter to save Trama, He went off to found the legendary underwater city (not that one but the other one) called Oceantopia.

During his 6 months search just as he was about to give up, He found a hidden cave, while there he encountered a giant seas creature (Not Seen) and defeated him. still little wounded he enters the cave and found Oceantopia.

Oceantopia is a (not so) mythological underwater city that housed 2,000,000 Oceanmites.
It is said to be a advance underwater city that can created artificial oxygen. In Oceantopia the people their can breath air and water too they can also swim and talk in water too.

Oceantopia is also ruled by the royal family staring with

King Neptseidon (50) King of Oceatopia with his staff that hold two power water gem; The Star of Neptune (that can created waves Tsunamis and other things) and the Orb of Poseidon (That can talk and control seas creatures)

One the left is his only daughter Princess Meliel (16) and one the right is his only son (and future King) Prince Urceric (25)

Along with them is the Head General of Oceantopia's army General Sebasunder (34)

Meanwhile a mysterious shadowy figure appears in a hidden cave of Oceantopia who begin his plan to overthrow the king, the royal family and become to new ruler of Oceantopia .
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