Rotten Luck Picture

Something I started drawing about a month ago when I was in a really, really fowl mood. I don't know how easy it is to tell, but It's Hades, the greek god.(the thing on his head is the helm of invisibility-I used the descriptions from the original legend) The whole thing is based off a conversation I had with a friend, where we decided (similarly to in the mythology) that Hades, while not a bad person, would likely be in a bad mood often, because of his position. anyways, I think this is one of, if not my best, pictures to date. not because its particularly fancy, but just because the anatomy came out well.

also, if you're wondering about the title, Zues, poseidon and hades decided their roles by drawing lots. Zues drew the good lot, and became ruler of olympus, and god of the sky, etc., poseiden drew the middle lot, and became god of the earth and sea, and Hades drew the bad lot and became ruler of the realms of Hades, and god of minerals, shadows and the dead.
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