Diana (Water and Night) Picture

Mom: Isabel Weaver
Dad: Poseidon

Birthday: October 20
Birthplace: Salem, Oregon

Background Story: When Diana was two, she moved to Lamar, Colorado, because her mother wanted to get farther away from the ocean claiming that she disliked the seagulls. Around age five for Diana, Isabel discovered that she had fallen in love with a god. Diana started Lincoln Elementary school, never having a lot of friends. Diana was pretty anti-social during kindergarten and first grade. A couple times during recess, Diana spotted a dark figure that seemed to be looking at her. Then she started reading Greek mythology. A few months after she turned six, Diana moved to Lubbock, Texas. One year later, Isabel went crazy (mentally). Diana learned to become more independent at age eight. One day, when Isabel was sleeping, Diana ran out of the house, heading east.

Personality: Diana is often shy, but when necessary, she can be pretty mean. She is not really used to a lot of attention, and is usually quiet. Diana is pretty smart, despite her ADHD and dyslexia. She is often a happy girl in public, trying to convince others that she did not have a miserable life at home.
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