Protecting the Atalantis Picture

And before you do anything else, I'd like to explain why "Atalantis" is not mispelled. "Atlantis" is a famous, mythological continent that sunk into the ocean in ancient myths. Disney made a movie about "Atlantis." "The Atalantis" is a subterranean castle deep under Planet Russiac's crust, where Poseidon, the Major God of Water, lives. "The Atalantis" is my own creation. The only entrance to "The Atalantis" is via a hidden tunnel at the bottom of Erar's Lake.

Now then. An ancient underground city surrounds the castle, and it is the home of the Atalantites--sworn protectors of Poseidon's holy land, the Táspel (from the Navajo word "tó"--water--and the Latin word "spelunca"--cave). Atalantites seldom visit above ground, and so have become a part of the "living fossil" genre--in other words, they far more resemble the ancestors of the Erarites than any other species of Erarite in existence.

And also guarding the Atalantis is Poseidon's bodyguard, King Atalantis, a giant crab who sits on the roof (you can see his shadow, added for a dramatic effect).

So yeah, I don't think I've ever posted a picture of an Atalantite on deviantART before.
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