Medusa Picture

Guess what movie I've been watch~ing?

This one of my OC from II,Charlamagne , a pureblood involved with the Confrérie de péchés. She is a loyal member of the brotherhood,but can be the most dangerous. Without control, she will literally kill anybody that she considers unworthy to be alive and steals their heart.

In greek mythology, Medusa was a praised woman that was a priestess in Athena's temple. When Poseidon raped her in the temple, Athena made Medusa's hair snakes so she would be hideous. Even when she looked at you, you would be turned into stone.

I thought about both of their pasts(I'm not giving any spoilers out)were somewhat similar. They both had a lot of promise until something happened to them and they were cursed for the rest of their lives. Thus, this was born(also within part of the snakes twisted with the Purebloods).

You can see some of the similarities in both of their apperences.(EX:Charlamagne's braids loose like snakes (kinda) and the color scheme)

Medusa(C)greek mythology
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