The labyrinth of Minos Picture

The myth goes that Poseidon gave a perfectly white bull to the King of Minos so he could sacrifice that bull to him. But Minos liked the bull too much to give it too a god as the god ordered him to do. So in punishment, Poseidon, made his wife fall in love with the bull. Well ya know what happens next and out pops the minotaur. King Minos ashamed of the creation, got the father of Icarus, Daedulus a master craftsman to build a maze to hold the beast. The beast needed its hunger quenched every year so seven boys and seven girls would be sacrificed to it. One of these year the young hero Theseus took one of the boys places and slayed the minotaur, ending its feast.

Well thats the story, me and my friend are into the whole mythology thing and he just has an eye for making creatures (the guy is gifted, wish i could draw some of the stuff he does) but he despises making backrounds, I'm not completely bad so we combined our talents to come up with this. I hope all of you like it. Enjoy! (if you have any ideas for impovements please say, I will be coloring this with photoshop as soon as I get the program, so this might not be the finished product)
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