Psyche, Tefnut and Nesaea Picture

Did someone ask for more Desire/Miroir female characters? Because I've got more! ...Actually, the central and right characters aren't major character, being like Poseidon and the Chariot Master in the game. But I digress.

Psyche: Goddess of Souls, she lives with her husband Eros and happens to be Persephone's right-hand woman. She flirts a lot, but her words are truth. Can see one's soul by looking in one's eyes. While not appearing a lot, her role is PRETTY important in the whole story because, you know. Goddess of Souls. Duh.

Tefnut: BECAUSE WE NEED MORE MYTHOLOGICAL FIGURES. But yeah. Tefnut. I totally say that wasn't Angel Land... land that Pit flew over in Chapter 8. So have the Egyptian goddess of moisture, rain and whatever water-related! She's pretty bros with Palutena and co., and when there's plot-related stuff happening in her land, she askes for Pit and DP's help in the situation.

Nesaea: Here's a character that ISN'T a goddess! ...But is a person like Pit and Phosphora. Meet Poseidon's most powerful Sea Nymph, Nesaea. She's pretty much stuck in the sea, but that doesn't matter, because she's pretty powerful- she's as powerful as the Clansmakers. She helps the crew out when chasing the angel wanting to replace Clansmaker Scorpio.

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