Darleen Sirenia Sketch Picture

This is my first sketch of Darleen Sirenia. She was a character created for Mythology game. "Sirenia" was the goddess of the seas. When I was thinking about her story I didn't know how to tell it... Luckily then I remembered Poseidon and Amphitrite...

Name: Darleen Sirenia Kefeira Aretuza
Nickname: Darleen Sirenia (called by other), Sirenia (called by her mother)
Powers and Abilities: Power of the ocean, possibility to transform into a mermaid, beautiful voice, ability to play on all musical instruments and artistic talent.
Characteristics: Her eyes have color of the sea depth and beauty that charms every human men.
Darleen Sirenia was a youngest daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and younger sister of Triton, Rode and Bentesikyme. Since the childhood she couldn't get along with her father. They really were different from each other. When Darla was only 16 she accidentally caught Poseidon as betraying her mother of Aphrodite. He forbade her to tell the Amphitrite. But when Darla discovered that Poseidon has committed adultery once again and with the Gorgon, she decided to tell her mother the truth despite the earlier ban. As punishment, Poseidon locked her in the highest tower of the palace and had to sit there for the completion of the age of majority. However, Darleen obediently sat there only a year, because one day looking out the window saw Falias, the man who was drowning. Not seeing anyone who could help him, she broke the second ban, ran away from the tower and then rescued the boy who she fell in love. When Poseidon found out, he forbade her to see him. Darleen greatly missed Falias and wished to live with him on land. Every night, she silently swam to the surface to see her beloved one. About Darla's nocturnal escapades, Poseidon discovered from Bentesikyme who saw the disappearance of her sister. To give a final lesson to her daughter, Poseidon turned Falias into sea foam. After the loss of her lover, she gone mad with despair and attacked her father, condemning it with the banishment of the sea. Bereft of family and friends, young goddess fled into the woods, where she found her Aphrodite. The goddess of love took Darla to the top of Mount Olympus. There, she met a number of other gods and muses with whom she became friends. She spent a lot of time with them until she was their student. They taught the goddess of the seas in many areas of art including the musical instruments. Since then, Darleen was also known as the goddess of art.
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