Rita Finch: Suit Detail Picture

Here is more on Rita Finch's armor.

Not only is the suit imbued with a lot of magical properties, it has also been heavily decorated with motifs from many polynesian cultures as well.

This is not merely a stolen prototype anymore. It is not just a suit of armor either. It is a legendary weapon that is meant to be in same league as Thor's Hammer or Poseidon's Trident. It is built specifically to help preserve mortal life in the face of immortal peril. The Menehune who built it call it 'The Proximity Suit' after the aluminized suits that volcanologists wear near active lava floes or magma. To these little faeries, who are still active magic users, such instruments are considered to be powerful.

They intend this suit to be "The Ultimate Proximity Suit", the one that surpasses all the rest in it's ability to protect it's wearer from vicious heat and magic alike.

A weapon like that needs to say it's great with it's ornamentation. Another thing to mention is that, when the suit is charged with mana, all of the ornamentation glows.
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