Percy Jackson and the Olympians page one Picture

I did my final for my mythology class on the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I had to make a storyboard. I threw this together last minute, just like the essay so it's not great, some of the drawings suck, but a few I like and will even do closeups of.

this is the overview of the first page. I was only able to do 24 frames, I may do more in the future for pure fun with some actual effort in it but that is for another time.
I had to simplify the story a lot for my class, and I actually could have done it better but oh well.

in this the first two rows are from the first book, the next three are from the 2nd, and the last frame is the very beginning of the third.

The first frames I drew for this entire project were of the golden fleece, I like them.
you can tell which ones I drew towards the end on sunday night cause they're crap
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