Becoming Hideous - Entry for 2013 MakeUgly Contest Picture

OK. This is my first time submitting art in any way shape or form to deviantart, so why not make it exciting and enter a contest?
1. I am not a professional painter in any way, shape, or form. I paint and draw because I like to and I know I'm not fantastic. This is a hobby for me and it makes me happy. Think Tiffany dancing in Silver Linings Playbook.
2. I use acrylic paint
3. I think this falls under the 'Giant' and 'Monster' category of the contest
4. No, there is no reference to smoking here. There doesn't have to be. Instead I just started drawing (drawing rough draft for this to be posted soon) and this is what came out. Wheeeee ^.^
5. This is Medusa, as she is being transformed into the monster with all the snake heads. I think it would have been more painful for her to have turned slowly, seeing her beauty being lost. That's why half her face is normal and the rest of her has already become scaly.
6. Her right arm is raised to fight the hero on the cliff. It just didn't fit when I first drew it and I kinda liked it that way so I kept the same placement in the picture.
7. Who's the hero trying to kill her? No idea. Some stupid demi-god or mortal who wanted to challenge a super-sized Medusa.
8. Yes, she is crying.
9. After I painted this I thought that it was cool that I made the sea the background because the reason Athena turned her into a monster was because Athena caught Medusa and Poseidon do *stuff* in her temple. So I thought it was cool I subconsciously made the sea the background, as if she had returned to Poseidon's realm.

I think that's it..... I know it's no Monet, but this was a fun prompt and i had an exciting time making it - that is, when I wasn't watching the paint dry. I hope you like it, at least a little bit
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