Grecia - Greece 14 Picture

:: Grécia. Que mulher é essa? :: PG 14 ::

Dica: Só se arrisque se tiver como escapar do perigo ileso. Melhor, não se arrisque.
Tredes provocou um deus, ainda bem que tinha dois a favor dele… heheh

Roteiro: Marcos Brito.
Arte: Reginaldo Moreira.
Cores: Marcos Brito.

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:: Greece. Who is this woman? :: PG 14 ::

Clue: Just put yourself in danger if there be how to stay harmless. Better, never do it.
Tredes teased a god, thankfully he had two gods to help him… heheh

Writed by: Marcos Brito.
Art: Reginaldo Modeira.
Colors: Marcos Brito.

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Poseidon: Now I get you…

Tredes: Ouch…

Hermes: Apollo!

Apollo: I'm passing and getting you!

Teller: In the Apollo's chariot…

Apollo: What did you do to let Poseidon so furious?

Kladiu: My buddy here… spoke too much!

Sufulu: Like always.

Apollo: Who is that people?


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