Grecia - Greece 11 Picture

:: Grécia. Que mulher é essa? :: PG 11 ::

Se bem instruídas, crianças sempre falam a verdade. E não importa o tamanho da confusão que causaram. Eu queria mostrar isso nesta página.

Roteiro: Marcos Brito.
Arte: Reginaldo Moreira.
Cores: Marcos Brito.

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:: Greece. Who is this woman? :: PG 11 ::

The children always speak the true, if they be well instructed by their parents. And doesn't matter the size of the confusion that caused. I'd like to show it in this page.

Writed by: Marcos Brito.
Art: Reginaldo Modeira.
Colors: Marcos Brito.

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Teller: Hours after…

Sufulu and Kladiu: Tredes, where are you?

Voice from tree: I am here… Pygmaleon has gone?

Hermes: Yeah, but… what did you do to make him furious?

Tredes: I tried to put a detail in his statue and I broke a piece of the leg…

[Poseidon is eating a sandwich.]

Hermes: Poseidon?… Here?

Tredes: Of course that is my friend Poseidon!

[Hermes jokes with Poseidon's name.]

Tredes: [heheh] Popoooow! Come here!

Poseidon: I hate when somebody call me thus!


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