Heart, Field, Home Picture

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Okay, technically, Hera isn't the goddess of "home", but I just liked that title.

So on the left, Hestia goddess of the hearth. She's barely mentioned in mythology, because apparently it was in bad taste to gossip about a figure that's in charge of everyone's homes. *shrug* She's the oldest of the first 6 Olympians... Since she's one of the Virgin goddesses, I've always seen her wearing a veil, because... virgin = veil. There is a tragic flaw in my logic here, though - apparently my mind has never quite realized that by "veil" I actually meant "head-kerchief". Because she's obviously not wearing a veil up there.
She's holding a fire poker and one of those little fireplace shovels. And according to my initial notes, she was supposed to be blonde. Oops. (Hades was also supposed to have brown eyes, not blue, but... what's done is done).

In the middle, Demeter goddess of harvests and such. The only one of her siblings to have blonde hair, but I've ALWAYS seen her as blonde - I mean, blonde hair... wheat-colored hair... goddess of wheat... Yeah. My Demeter here generally has a cheery and calm disposition, although she got a bit more defensive and perky when Aphrodite showed up, and she has quite a scary temper when something unpleasant involving her daughter comes up (mostly having to do with Hades). She doesn't have shoes on. Because. Those orange oval things on her dress apparently reflect the state of crops and harvest - they get very large and full when the crops are fertile and good in general, and they get very small when the crops have died or been harvested.

And finally, the right side Hera queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage and childbirth (which is sorta like "home", in defense of my title...) She's got an up-do... Because. Actually, her hair style was a bit more inspired by ancient Greek art than the others (although there's obviously still differences). Her headband-thing and dress are colored Peacock Green and Peacock Blue, because one of her symbols is the peacock. Yup. Poor Hera, wife of the most run-around husband... in at least anything I've</b> heard of. It's no wonder she often looks so pissed.
Which is QUITE difference from Disney's Hera, as you well know. I don't think I have to mention any other differences here...

Hades and Poseidon are apparently the only ones of the Big Six without curly hair. ...I sure gave a lot of the gods and goddesses curly hair. Weird. I mean, come to think of it... I think I've only given 4 of them straight-ish hair. :/

I feel obligated to repeat here, that all historical inaccuracies in design are intentional. Thanks!

I feel like there's something else I should mention, but I can't think of what it would be...

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