Sloppy Demigods Picture

All the main characters from an RP except mine (being Aletheia). From left to right we have Calvin, a French orphan finally of age. He's Apollo's son. Lanthanon, unkempt full god and son of Poseidon, grew up at the bottom of the ocean without anyone but fish to talk to. Maisha, who looks far too sweet (I might totally change her design) and who's hair came out awfully. She's the super cool bow-wielding gal saved from death as a babe by Artemis, which gave her special abilities. And finally there's Ryan, who’s sketch I'm proudest of, though I didn't make his scars near horrendous enough. Aphrodite is his mother, but he's a tough, hardy guy.

Expect a full body picture of ‘em all together within the next couple days.
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